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Q1 2015 CVB Marketing Roundup: The Time We Broke the Internet +166% Desktop Traffic +539% Mobile Traffic } Key West PR Crashes Visit Ithaca But only for a few minutes. Our web servers were overloaded with hits. The 7 days following the web pop-up that launched on Feb 15 yielded nearly 200,000 hits on desktop and mobile. Record PR Impressions Result Good Morning America, CNN, The Weather Channel - every media outlet nationwide (and beyond) was buzzing about Ithaca, resulting in over $3.8 million in earned media value. } Lake House Campaign Success It takes the same amount of time to send an email to 10 people as it does to send to 10million. The lake house sweepstakes drove our e-marketing list up with over 18,000 entries. } Niche Marketing: Focus on LGBTQ In alignment with the county strategic plan, the CVB has taken steps toward LGBTQ tourism marketing. A focus group provided insight for a 2015 campaign promoting Ithaca as an "LGBTQ-Friendly" destination. } LGBTQ front-line sensitivity training Social Media Growth Reaching 23,560 fans including 88% outside Ithaca and 77% women, Facebook reaches a prime tourism audience. Q1 growth is so strong it is set to outpace 2014 growth by 33%. } 2014 vs.2015 Q1 Hits Web & Broadcast Hits Campaign ROI Focus Group Highlights Visit Ithaca Mobile Traffic Up 539% YoY Visit Ithaca Desktop Traffic Up 166% YoY 330,196 Desktop & Mobile Page Views Q1 Top Highlights: 430 Broadcast Outlets > Nielsen Audience 649 Online Outlets > Impressions Facebook Fans 2,442 Q1 Growth 88% Out-Of-Market 12% In-Market Fans 23,560 Total Likes 85% Contact Increase 16,842 New Q1 Contacts 48,377 Resulting Web Hits 10million Impressions • 4.8 paid • 5.2 PR Website to reinforce LGBTQ- friendly lodging, attractions, dining Group destination for LGBTQ audience Traditional marketing to incorporate more same-sex couples

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