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1 A few months ago, I learned about an organization called Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE). Given the countless hours we've invested exploring energy relat- ed topics and issues impacting local projects at the Chamber, I was curi- ous about this organization and what they offered. CICE is a growing network of over 400 local chambers of commerce from all 50 states—representing more than 330,000 businesses. e organization offers resources, information, and case studies for Chambers and their members to become more involved with transitioning to a clean energy economy—and maximizing the economic opportunity that our next energy economy presents. Essentially, the CICE platform is this: 1) Businesses must be part of the clean energy solution 2) Clean energy is an economic opportunity 3) America must lead the clean energy race 4) Market-based solutions produce the best results 5) Clean energy is an economic development strategy I couldn't agree more with everything above. At the Tompkins County Chamber, we have continued to sup- port commercial energy efficiency workshops and programs, large-scale alternative energy projects, innovative new proposals for smart grids, and our member businesses offering products and services related to alternative energy and reductions in con- sumption and carbon emissions. (continued on page 6) ISSUE III SUMMER 2016 IN THIS ISSUE Chambers for Innovation & Clean Energy By Jennifer Tavares, CEcD, Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy HOLT Architect's New Office - Renovating to Net Zero Harvesting Energy On the Farm Tompkins County Goes Solar Energy Roadmap Summary Resources ENERGY NOW Tompkins County Commercial

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